About This Course

Sometimes debt is unavoidable. Perhaps there was an unexpected expense or an emergency where you needed to dip into your savings. But, given the right tools and knowledge, you can manage your debt. If want to know more about debt and how to manage the interests, this course is for you.

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Nedbank MoneyEDGE

What You Will Learn In This Course:

  • 01. Introduction: Why do you want to learn more about debt?

    • 02. I’m in debt and want to get out

      allocated module duration : 15 minutes

      If you have found yourself in a bit of debt, it’s not the end of the world. Many people manage to pay back and resolve their debt with the right advice and financial management

      • 03. I want to take on some debt and know how to manage it wisely

        allocated module duration : 15 minutes

        Believe it or not, some debt can have a positive effect on your finances. Taking on some debt can help you build up a good credit score – but it needs to be monitored correctly.

        • 04. Tips and tricks to maintain a good credit score

          allocated module duration : 15 minutes

          In this module, you will learn how build and maintain a good credit score and how best to approach any debt that you may have accrued.


          How to manage your debt.

           Average Time 

          It takes about 45 minutes to complete this course.

           Learning Outcomes 

          • I know how to manage my debt.
          • I understand how to take on debt and I know that not all debt is bad.
          • I understand what good credit is and how to manage it.
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