About This Course

Investing your money is a future-proof solution for saving and growing your money. When you invest, there is every probability of accruing more money – or 'return' – over a given period of time. To start investing, you need an asset that can generate income and increase its value over time.

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What You Will Learn In This Course:

  • 01. Introduction: Preparing to invest

    • 02. Investment tips

      allocated module duration : 15 minutes

      Take the fear out of investing with expert help by your side and easy tips.

      • 03. Do you need a lot of money to invest?

        allocated module duration : 15 minutes

        Despite what you may think, you don't need piles of cash to become a successful investor. Learn how you can capitalise on your investment with affordable solutions that best suit you and your lifestyle.

        • 04. Investing vs speculating

          allocated module duration : 15 minutes

          'Without risk, there’s no reward.' You may have heard this one before. Investing your money may be a lot like gambling – but that’s why it’s important to assess risks and engage in responsible investing behaviours.

          • 05. Risk vs return

            allocated module duration : 15 minutes

            When is a risk worth it? The problem with investing is that you never know. Risk assessment is absolutely necessary when investing.

            • 06. Will investing make me rich, quick?

              allocated module duration : 15 minutes

              If you’re looking to become a billionaire overnight, investing might not be for you. Like all good things, getting a considerable return on your investment will take time.


              Learn how to invest like a professional.

               Average Time 

              It takes about one hour to complete this course.

               Learning Outcomes 

              • I understand what investing and investment means.
              • I know how to differentiate between risk and reward.
              • I understand how the investment process works.
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