About This Course

You’ve found yourself with some cash to spare and you’re wanting to make some more out of it. But can you have your cake and eat it? This course is for anyone who is looking to invest but needs a push in the right direction. If you’ve decided that investing is for you, seeking the advice of a qualified professional will help you to understand your unique risk profile and help you make the best choices. But, whether you're looking to do it yourself or with the guidance of a financial planner, this course breaks down all the necessary information for you.

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Nedbank MoneyEDGE

What You Will Learn In This Course:

  • 01. Understanding investment risk versus return

    allocated module duration : 5 minutes

    Understanding the difference between risk and return is vital when deciding to invest. This first module differentiates the two so you can make the best decisions for you.

    • 02. Understanding an investment horizon

      allocated module duration : 5 minutes

      In this module, learn how to project your investments over a period of time to determine your potential returns.

      • 03. Quiz

        allocated module duration : 5 minutes

        Take a short quiz to test your knowledge so far.

        • 04. The power of compound interest

          allocated module duration : 5 minutes

          Starting out with ‘compound interest’, you will learn about one of the main types of interest that will impact your investments.

          • 05. Comparing interest rates quoted

            allocated module duration : 5 minutes

            Interest rates vary so it’s important to consider all your options. This module teaches you that when it comes to the various rates, shopping around is vital.

            • 06. Investing versus speculating

              allocated module duration : 5 minutes

              Learn the difference between investing and speculating before starting out on your investment journey.

              • 07. Common investment types

                allocated module duration : 5 minutes

                End off this course by learning about the various investment types on offer to you.

                • 08. Final exam

                  allocated module duration : 15 minutes

                  Time to test your knowledge on investing in this 15-minute exam.


                  Investing capital and how to invest in a way that benefits you and your financial goals.

                   Average Time 

                  On average, students take 1 hour to complete this course.

                   Learning Outcomes 

                  • I understand the differences between risk and return.
                  • I understand what interest rates are and how they work.
                  • I know about the various investment types.
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