About This Course

Learn all about investment portfolios and important investment behaviours so you can save responsibly. Discover why you need a retirement annuity and learn how to select one, as well as how to choose a financial advisor that will be your partner through thick and thin.

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Nedbank MoneyEDGE

What You Will Learn In This Course:

  • 01. Introduction: Investment portfolio options

    • 02. Diverse investment portfolio

      allocated module duration : 15 minutes

      Learn about diversified investment portfolios and how they can reduce your risk when you embark on your investment journey.

      • Understanding tax-free savings funds
      • Maximising the benefits of tax-free savings funds
      • In it for the long run
    • 03. Retirement annuities

      allocated module duration : 15 minutes

      Prepare for your retirement with tips on how best to find a retirement annuity that suits both your finances and your lifestyle. Discover the tax advantages of an annuity and ask the right questions before you commit.

      • Saving for retirement
      • Finding the right retirement annuity
      • Asking the right questions
    • 04. Rainy-day funds

      allocated module duration : 15 minutes

      Because we never know when a financial emergency is going to hit, it is crucial to have money set aside for that unexpected medical bill, major car service or any other unforeseen expenses.

      • Save for a rainy day
      • Getting started
    • 05. Financial advisors

      allocated module duration : 15 minutes

      We all need a bit of help from an expert from time to time. This couldn’t be truer than when it comes to getting financial advice from a professional.

      • Choosing a financial advisor
      • Financial advisor fees and commissions


    Learn what your investment portfolio options are.

     Average Time 

    It takes about one hour to complete this course.

     Learning Outcomes 

    • I understand what an investment portfolio is.
    • I know how to create my own investment portfolio.
    • I know what a retirement annuity is and why it is important.
    • I know what a financial advisor is and how to choose one.
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